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Today's deep dive subject is almost exclusively responsible for showing me the power of using Substack to gain followers and patrons, but there's a catch.

Sneakily Moving Toward Greatness

What if I told you that you could quit your day job and make an incredible living with a pen, a sketchbook, and a willingness to share your life's adventures?

That's precisely what Nishant Jain (the self-proclaimed Sneaky Artist) did when he fell into art by accident as a means to decorate his blog posts. With an intent to sketch daily to improve his technique, those drawings eventually caused him to quit his job as a biomechanics engineer and drop out of a Ph.D. program.

I'm sure his Indian parents were not pleased with the decision, but he felt compelled to pursue the things that gave him joy: Writing and art.

But unlike other artists featured in these deep dives, Nishant isn't killing it... yet.


Smarter Faster

Codie Sanchez is a firebrand and has strong opinions. She talks about buying boring businesses, which 99% of my readers will not care about. However, Codie is as bright as they come and always shares poignant wisdom about business that savvy creatives can learn from if they pay attention well.

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Contrarian Thinking

Codie Sanchez

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Using Constraint as a Creative Tool

As I slowly migrate older content over to ConvertKit, some gems from the past can be dusted off and shared new, this one from August of 2022.

Creativity is a muscle. The only way to make it strong is to work out.

You may have heard me share this idea if you've been around me for a reasonable time. And, of course, the opposite is true; if you don’t use it, you’ll lose it.

Painting, drawing, designing, sculpting, or taking photos are not inherently creative. They are acts that indulge a particular hemisphere of our brains. Anyone can paint on canvas or capture an image with their iPhone, but that doesn't make it creative.

When we allow ourselves to try new media, mediums, motifs, styles, subject matter, and ideas, that’s where real creativity happens.

The bolder we get with our creativity, the more fearless we become, trying new things more often, but that fearlessness comes at a price.

There is a diminishing return on creativity because the more fearless we get, the harder it becomes to find creative solutions that scare us. When we get so bold that nothing shocks us, and we continue making what we’ve always made, our creative muscle starts to atrophy slowly,

However, there is one method that is proven to help generate creative thought no matter how bold and fearless we become…Constraint


Art Snacks: Mr. Mars

I met Mr. Mars at Designer Con in 2019, and I was so impressed by his exploded spray cans and deconstructed vinyl toys that I decided to try some of my own. Acquiring this level of craftsmanship requires years of dedication. Mars is one of the originators of the exploded can style, and there's a chance anyone will dethrone him anytime soon.

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Biz Bites

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Art Bites


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