On November 1st, I'm closing my gate and locking myself inside (proverbially). Please do not call the authorities to check on my mental state—I promise this is a good thing.

Over the last several years, I have tried to be many different things to many different people.

  • I shared graphic design work for my design friends.
  • I shared collage art with my art friends
  • I made videos on two different YouTube channels
  • I had multiple Instagram accounts
  • I sold work on my Shopify store, Etsy, RedBubble, and Amazon
  • I wrote and published two completely different newsletters
  • I tweeted, snapped, TikTok'd, and posted all for the 'Gram

To the surprise of nobody, that strategy did not work, but I have a new strategy now, and it means I can't come to your party.

The Season of No

I blame Alex Hormozi for this because he shared the strategy across his many social channels, and I can't seem to escape it, so I need to heed the advice.

The strategy is simple. Establish a goal for a single project you want to accomplish, and work on that one thing until you're done, or at least until you've achieved specific goals.

When I think about it, my creative impulses are screaming because we all know what it feels like to chase after our inspirations. Still, I need to put all those shiny things in a hermetically sealed box and store them in the closet for the duration.

The Hungry is the project, and the current objective is to grow it to 10,000 subscribers by July 2024. I'm a long way from that goal, and if I want to achieve it, I need to be head down, nose to grind stone to make it work.

Thanks, but No

That means saying no to nights out with buddies, social events, kids' birthday parties, and coffee chats with people to pick my brain.

It also means not diving into different projects, even if it would be an excellent experiment to discuss in The Hungry. I feel this pull often because of a misplaced sense of needing more legitimacy.

I've done all the things, and I know 1,000 ways to do them wrong. The Hungry is about sharing that experience and using it to deduce the correct way to do things, and one strategy is to focus attention on what matters most.

One Thing to One Person

Another tidbit I got from Hormozi is to sell one thing to one person. This isn't as rigid as it may seem, but it is a framework for success.

The one thing is a project you want to put your energy into. That could be your Shopify or Etsy shop, YouTube channel, podcast, or newsletter.

Once you know that one thing, you focus your promotional energy on solving a problem for one person. I'm sure you can picture one person in your audience that most likely represents your ideal customer.

Use that individual as your metric and find ways to sell to others like them. You may believe there aren't enough people like them, but I'm willing to bet you haven't reached out far enough to know.

Everything I do going forward must focus on that one thing and that person. If my actions don't help me with that objective, then it's a NO.

Threads is my chosen social media channel for growth at the moment. I am bullish on the platform because I've witnessed firsthand the potential of connecting to people more authentically than what happens on Instagram or TikTok.

This doesn't mean that all other social channels are invalid. It just means I'm using one channel to point my one person to my one project. It also doesn't mean I will stop using other media. They won't get as much of my attention, but they can still be helpful.

I want to grow The Hungry into a primary resource for creative entrepreneurs, and the only way to make that happen is to lean into it and shut the door behind me.

Thanks for the invite, and sorry, but I'm in the lab with a pen and pad, and I can't make it out.

Maybe next time.

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